Gintama Silver Soul Cosplay Costume & Wig

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You are led here because Gintama Silver Soul Cosplay Costume is sought by you. Do you wanna make a look extremely similar with real roles in silver soul? Here, we make your fantasy come true.

Fabulous cosplay costumes are offered to you. Gintama Silver Soul Cosplay Costume is strictly made as looks in the comic. A black vest with silver pieces is offered. Outside, a black jacket and black trousers are paired. Make sure your look is 100% similar, you also need to put on a white scarf around your neck like the man in the picture.

Another suit for you is Gintama Gold Soul Cosplay Costume. The silver pieces on both vest and jacket have been changed into silver here. Besides this, you will hardly find another difference between these two suits.

Picture from flickr.

Finally, focus on your hair. We have a large range of cosplay wigs. Just put them on; you can create whatever look you want instantly. Take Silver Soul Okita Sougo Cosplay Wig as an example. The refined workmanship makes it comfortable. It is ready for use.

As for the shoes, you can pick out a pair of black sneakers. This is easy, isn’t? Did you find the headwear on that man? Yes, remember to find it too. The large gun can be found in our collection of cosplay weapons. Want to have a look?

Never will you feel frustrated with your decision of purchasing cosplay costumes & wigs here. Now, check Gintama Silver Soul Cosplay Costume & Wig out below.


Gintama Silver Soul Sakata Gintoki Cosplay Costume

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Never have you met better cosplay costumes than our collection. Follow us and buy Gintama Silver Soul Sakata Gintoki Cosplay costume below. Surely, you will never feel regretful for your decision.

Sakata Gintoki wears a white overcoat with blue stripes outside. A black jacket and black trousers are spotted inside. A blue belt is tied around the waist. Yes, the cosplay costume seems much like kimono.

Picture from flickr.

All aboven-mentioned sets are offered by us. 100% similarities are ensured. But to create the real Sakata Gintoki’s look, you need to find his weapon too. As the picture show, Sakata Gintoki uses a short stick and owns white hair. Is this difficult for you? Of course, not. We have cosplay weapon and cosplay wigs. Just take a look. They help you finish Sakata Gintoki’s look so quickly.

Finally, pay your attention to your shoes. What to wear? Any black shoes are okay actually.

Now, buy Gintama Silver Soul Sakata Gintoki Cosplay Costume below. You must be delighted by our sincere service and reasonable prices. Fast & free shipping is also found here.


Gin Tama Kagura Cosplay Costume

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Looking for cosplay costumes? If so, you must be willing to stop at here. Never did we make you customers disappointed. This time, Gin Tama Kagura Cosplay Costume is introduced to you.

Five sets are offered here, covering four red suits and one white-brown uniform. Kagura wears a long Chinese cheongsam. The red dress can not be simpler. A whole red piece set the entire tone. Yellow stitching is applied on each edge. Certainly, cheongsam has no sleeves. It becomes open on both sides around the hip.

Another darker red suit is Gin Tama Kagura I Cosplay Costume. It is completely the same with above costume expect the hue. Being crafted from cotton canvas and soft loneta, it must be incredibly comfortable.

Picture from www.flickr.com.

The third set is Gin Tama Kagura 4th Cosplay Costume. Black belt is added. So are black collar and black cuffs. On the back, the rabbit patter is added. Once again, this color is much darker than the red Gintama Silver Soul Kagura Cosplay Costume.

To meet all of your demands, here is the fifth suit for Kagura—a white jacket, a brown skirt and a red cravat. All these are made to be 100% same with original Kagura’s look.

Do you need to dye your hair to be silver red? Of course, do not please. A large range of wigs are offered by us. Take a look please. Then, pick out a pair of black high heels or boots to match the cheongsam or the uniform.

Any detail is not admitted to be neglected here. Now, follow me. The following is Gin Tama Kagura Cosplay Costume for you. Buy it here; you will also applaud for your decision.


Gin Tama Kamui Cosplay Costume

Picture from www.flickr.com.

Are you looking for excellent cosplay costumes? Here, Gin Tama Kamui Cosplay Costume is introduced to you. We totally believe you have known the game or the role in detail. So the following is a brief introduction on the cosplay costume for Kamui in Gin Tama.

Kamui appears with a black retro long gown. The classic gown is added with several buttons that are tied on the jacket with white stripes. Around the waist, a blue belt is worn. Then, a pair of white pants is spotted.

Picture from www.gk-reiko.deviantart.com.

Here, all details on Kamui are offered. The attire is made to be 100% similar with original role. The fabric is high-end & comfortable. Are you thinking about what to wear on feet? It's really easy. Anything except boots can be suitable.

Kamui’s wine red hair is also made to be wigs. So you do not need to dye your hair or worry about the hairstyle as you do not want to cut your hair.

Cosplay costumes for Kamui in Gin Tama are fabulous whatever from the similarity, quality and price. Now, click the below picture; you can get them in a short time without paying for the shipping cost.


Gintama cosplay video from Tokyo 2009

cosplayers gathered on New Year's Day 2009 in Tokyo for Gintama cosplay


Gintama Cosplay photos collection part 1

You can check some Gintama Cosplay photos below, including the characters Odd Jobs Gin,Gintoki Sakata,Shinpachi Shimura,Kagura,Sadaharu,etc. hope you can find some ideas about how to cosplay Gintama